BGCM 32nd Annual Blacksmith Days
May 16-17, 2020
Carroll County Farm Museum
500 S Center St, Westminster, MD

March 27, 2020:

Due to the current situation with COVID-19 and the regulations put forth by Govenor Hogan we will cancel (or postpone for one year) Blacksmith Days 2020. Please share this with anyone who would need to know.

We look forward to a time when we will all be able to gather, collaborate, and share our passion for blacksmithing once again. More information will come as we think about possible future meetings, gatherings and Blacksmith Days 2021. We will keep the forging contests the same for BSD 2021 so if you have forged your item for this year you may enter it for 2021.

To address refunding BSD 2020 money:

The checks that we have received and not deposited can be returned to the people via US mail. Some of which include membership and BSD, so we will need to deposit these at some point and refund the BSD registration cost. If we have already deposited the money I will work on writing checks and mailing them back to you based on the BSD registration list. Please be patient as I work through this process.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or Remember to share your work and inspiration on the BGCM Yahoo group or Facebook. I hope you can spend some time being creative and expanding your skills.

Stay safe
Ted McNett

Bring-in Forged Item Contests

  • Bladesmithing Costest

  • Master Smith Lin Rhea,, has granted BGCM permission to utilize his style and designs for the 2020 Blacksmith Days Bladesmithing contest. There are two categories; seasoned bladesmithing and beginner bladesmithing. If you are a bladesmith by reputation or have placed in a BSD contest or other venue you are entered in the Seasoned Bladesmith contest.

    1. Seasoned Bladesmith contest - Forge a Master Smith Lin Rhea "X-Rhea" style bowie knife.
    2. Beginner Bladesmith contest - Forge a Master Smith Lin Rhea "X-Rhea" style drop point or clip point knife.
    3. The guard must be riveted with an integral rivet to the ricasso.
    4. The knife may be forged from your pattern-welded steel but it will only be judged on the forging of the knife.

  • Blacksmithing Contest

  • 1. Forge a 3-Candle, Candle Holder incorporating Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals.
    2. Candle Holder can be Table Top, Floor, or Wall Sconce.
    3. Showcase traditional joinery (Rivet, mortise and tenon, collars, wraps, etc).
    4. Electric welding may be used but must be hidden.
    5. Share the original concept/design/drawing/model at BSD with your entry.

Rules: Entries must be forged by the Entrant since BSD 2019; One entry per registration, per contest; Demonstrators will judge contest on design, technical details, and overall execution; The judges decisions are final; First, Second, and Third prizes will be awarded for each forging contest.

For Additional Information Contact: