Next BGCM Meeting:

Sunday Oct 25th, 2015

Trade Item:

A belt buckle

At the Carroll County Farm Museum
  • Open forging 9am-4:30pm
  • Lunch Noon-1pm
  • Safety Meeting 1pm
  • General Meeting 1pm-2pm
  • Executive Meeting 3pm-4pm

BGCM Open Forge:

Thursday Nov 12th, 2015

Open Forge 6-9PM

Remember to call the hotline (410-386-9150) after 4pm the day of to confirm the forge will be open

Updates & Notifications:

BGCM Pins, Tee Shirts, & Hats are available for purchase at monthly meetings

Newsletter submissions due to Editor October 10, 2015

Principio Hammer-In Hammer Classes with Nathan Robertson October 22 & 23 - Register Now!